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   הוצאת נסח טאבו - שרות התשלומים הממשלתי - משרד המשפטים
הוצאת נסח טאבו און ליין, באתר המאובטח של משרד המשפטים להוצאת נסחי טאבו באמצעות האינטרנט. התהליך פשוט נגיש ומהיר.
   Deco Center - Designing, Professionals - service repair for Home & office : installations and maintenance
Deco Center - Designing, Professionals - service repair for Home & office : installations and maintenance
   איתור גוש חלקה בתל אביב ו/או איתור כתובת על פי גוש חלקה
אתר משרד המשפטים המאפשר איתור גוש חלקה בתל אביב על פי כתובת ו/או איתור כתובת על פי גוש חלקה
   Municipality city of Tel Aviv Jafo
The site have full info about present and future programs,social services,leisure& entertainment, culture & arts, tourism, business, construction strategic plan, what's on, traffic and more useful info
   Israel Government Portal - A New Immigrant - Making Aliyah
Making Aliyah is a complicated process, which requires substantial adaptation to a new country, language and culture. This guide presents all you need to know towards and after coming to Israel, with special emphasis on the extensive government assistance provided to new immigrants.
   Currency exchange rates
The Bank of Israel Law places special emphasis on the independence of the Bank. Thus, the Governor of the Bank is appointed by the President of Israel for a term of five years, at the recommendation of the government. The functions of the Governor include managing the Bank of Israel and determining its policy in the areas which come under its responsibility: monetary and exchange-rate policy, managing the foreign reserves, issuing currency, licensing banks, etc. By law, the Governor also serves as economic advisor to the government on currency and other economic matters. As economic advisor to the government, he participates in meetings of the Ministerial Committee for Economic Affairs on a permanent basis, and in other economic discussions of the government.
   Concerning the Ministry of Justice
The areas of responsibility of the Ministry of Justice are numerous and varied and include legal advice and legislation, the Office of the State Attorney, Civilian Legal Aid, the Public Defender, the Department of the Public Trustee and the Official Receiver, the Department of Land Settlement Registration, the Department of the Chief Government Appraiser, the National Center for Mediation, the various registrars including the Companies Registrar, the Patent, Designs and Trademark Registrar, the Information Storehouse Registrar, additional registrars and also units responsible for professional licensing, including the Council of Chartered Accountants, the Council of Land Appraisers, the Mediators Registrar and the Department for Licensing Private Investigators and Security Services
   Totally Jewish Travel
The site contains a great information and Kosher directory with free Coupons all over the world of Restaurants, Hotels, Synagogues, Mikve, Communities center, The Jewish communities and Israelis Consulates, Summer holidays, Shabbat Times & Kosher Travels
   Real estate taxation
אתר זה עוסק במיסוי מקרקעין, שבעיני רבים נחשב לענף המשפטי המורכב והמסובך ביותר. החומר משפטי באתר זה מופנה ללקוחות המשרד ולקהל הגולשים הרחב שמבקש למצוא את דרכו בסבך המשפטי.
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